Salvador Apartment Rental


Beautiful apartments for vacation (or work, or research...or Carnival!...short term anyway) rental ... both seaside (Barra) and in the Centro Histórico. Both owned and/or managed by Americans who have been living here in Salvador for the past 25 years ... Alain Zamrini of Los Angeles, CA* (photographer), and Dan Blumenthal of San Francisco, CA (keyboard player).


* Okay! Alain was an American citizen! Now he is a Brazilian citizen! He was born in Egypt and raised in Lebanon. He is a quintessential Man of the World!


Nobody hidden behind an app interface can email, whatsapp message, and even call 'em up (please note that if they're on the beach their cell phones might not be at hand, or if they're at a samba they might not be able to hear you!). Here's Alain saying hello:


Alain's contact information is:

Phone & Whatsapp: +55 71 9 8894-9940


Here's Dan publicizing our Cana Brava Records specialty shop (dedicated to real Brazilian music...samba, samba chula, samba-de-roda, choro, etc.) which doubles as the headquarters for Salvador Central).


Dan's contact information is:

Phone & Whatsapp: +55 71 9 9974-9557


I'm in the process of re-doing this lodging area of Salvador Central...apartment pages will be going back up...but feel free to contact either Dan or Alain about what they have available and what kind of deals they can make with you!


-- Randy "Pardal" Roberts


Below is the apartment that Alain owns (rather than just manages). It's one-bedroom located in Barra right across the street from the beach (it's also located ON Salvador's Barra - Ondina Carnival route. Gobs of restaurants and bars and shopping all around. The reference code for this place is "BF308".


There's a pool on the roof, a/c in the bedroom, broadband wifi, flatscreen TV with Skysat, and maid service daily.

Phone & Whatsapp: +55 71 9 8894-9940