Brazil's true treasure, its long-suffering population aside, is music. And most of the brilliant best of this music is very hard — if not actually impossible — to find. So we've set up a system based in word-of-mouth and what we call "internet vectors"...a vector in this sense being a series of links connecting (among others) any two given people together. These links are recommendations (meaning also that our system utilizes "open curation"), and so as with a wave of Euterpe's wand musicians (and other artists, writers, etc.) — formerly completely cut off from us — are now connected to us via a series of bridges.

As an added blessing, our system won't work so well if it is limited to Brazilian musicians, or even to musicians. I love Herbie Hancock so let me use him as an example (I don't know him; he's a friend of my friend Michelle Mercer who is Wayne Shorter's biographer). Imagine that Herbie recommends musicians known to him who are not widely known to the public at large. That (they) could be very interesting! Now say they recommend...and the people they recommend are also almost certainly able to recommend great people and music that are widely unknown. Now if from any of these people there is a pathway to Raimundo Sodré of Bahia, for example, then Raimundo can be accessed via Herbie Hancock, even though Herbie has no idea that Raimundo walks, plays and dances upon the Earth.

Hence the more universal the system is, the more opportunities there are for the creation of pathways to any given artist in it. Which is fine with us. We've dedicated long years to Brazil and Brazilian music, but if we were able to clone ourselves we'd being doing likewise in New Orleans, in County Clare, in Cape Breton, in the Appalachians, in South Africa, in the spiritual heirs to the shetls of Eastern Europe...Indiana even, where for all we know there's a kid sitting on the edge of his bed with Hoagy Carmichael in his head and Wes Montgomery in his hands, formerly undiscoverable but now with a chance to be heard everywhere from all those places and a myriad more...

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