How to Curate

Sign up from the top of any page. It's free. Include as much information about yourself as you care to. Please use your name -- whatever you go by -- rather than a handle. To curate/recommend any given person, go to their page, click on the VECTOR BACKWARD tab, and click on the little grey crosses representing that person in that category. The crosses will turn green to show that you are making that recommendation.

You will appear on that person's VECTOR BACKWARD tab (you'll have to reload the page to see your image/link immediately), and the person you are recommending will appear in the curations on your own VECTOR FORWARD tab. You will also appear on your recommended person's curation page (which can be reached by clicking on the grey category buttons on their VECTOR BACKWARD tab.

It's all very simple, and extremely powerful.

Who Can Curate?

Anybody can be a curator, recommending others for what they do. Then we are free to choose whose recommendations we deem worth following. It might be somebody well-known and highly respected in their area. It might be somebody relatively unknown to the general public, but who was recommended by somebody well-known and highly respected. It might be a friend of ours, or somebody recommended by a friend. It might be somebody we just came across who seems like they might have interesting opinions. It might be somebody ten generations down a worldline of recommendations. Whatever the case, we make the choice in a vastly more open music universe.