Salvador, Bahia Method

We are headquartered in:
Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Rua João de Deus, 22
Pelourinho (Centro Histórico)
Tel/Whatsapp: +55 71 9 9976-2049


Worldlines are formed by series of curated recommendations. Per the networking math behind the so-called "six degrees of separation" phenomenon, irrespective of where or with whom one begins (you, for example, or Mick Jagger), many if not most of these worldlines will in not too many steps pass through the great unknown artists of Bahia (ground zero was Raimundo Sodré), connecting our formerly unconnected to the rest of the world. This was our initial motivation for setting up the system. But there is a beautiful corollary:


They'll also pass through Tommy Peoples of Donegal. And Bobby Sanabria of the Bronx. And Peter Dasent of Oz. And a broad and deep plethora of people/musicians/artists/writers/journalists/filmmakers all around the Earth, some widely known, many not, each of whom we are free to judge by our own criteria, should we care, and recommend (curate), should we wish.


Tommy Paddy Brazil
The place and music might be different, but the spirit is the same.
Tommy Peoples and Paddy Organ Mullins in Paddy's home in Kilfenora, County Clare, Ireland.

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