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"Matrix" derives from "mater", Latin for "mother". From this,"source". We're a real mother for ya.


Salvador Central began life as a guide to Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. Salvador Central's matrix began with a musician from a small town in the interior of Bahia and now living in Salvador — Raimundo Sodré — who went from nowhere and poverty to unlikely nationwide, fame & fêted, top-of-the-charts vicious slapdown and exile during Brazil's dictatorship. Sodré, who knows, summed up his philosophy thusly, speaking not only of himself and here (Bahia) but of New Orleans and Harlem and the south side of Chicago and eastern European shtetls and villages in Éire and places and people lost to memory and time:

Throughout this  matrix extend worldlines...series of curations in the form of links to others (you curate B and others, B curates C and others, C curates D and others...), joining all the people along these lines into navigable channels via the VECTOR FORWARD and VECTOR BACKWARD tabs on media pages. Per the theory behind the so-called "six degrees of separation", most people in the matrix will be potentially accessible from most other people in it (you and D might not even know of each other's existence, but you each can be accessed from the other, as can you and Z, and you and "Q").


By this means something extraordinary becomes possible: People in the arts are rendered accessible off their native ground...outside of their established circles and geography. A turntablist in Berlin can curate a singer in Rio de Janeiro. That singer in Rio can curate a band in a South African township. That band can curate another band a couple of blocks away, which can curate a trumpet player in Tunisia, who can curate a piano player in New York City, who can curate a writer, who can curate a documentary filmmaker...


Airto Moreira in Salvador, Bahia


Anybody falling upon that DJ's page has direct access to those people in Rio and South Africa and Tunisia and New York, and to all the people down the worldlines emanating from each of them as well. There are ways to artists that didn't exist before. So it's not that the world is a richer place than it was before, but that those riches can be shared by a lot more people. And that's something extremely valuable.


Salvador Worldlines

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