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Sprawled across broad equatorial latitudes, stoked and steamed and sensual in the widest sense of the word... limned in cadenced song... its very name born in heat and embers, Brazil is a conundrum wrapped in a smile inside an irony.

Salvador Music

The online Brazilian radio station run from our record shop in Salvador, Bahia has given way to another, more ambitious project: The MusiCodex.

The "necessity", as I saw it, of this online codex (codex = "book" in Latin) is that many of the wonderful artists whose music we sell in the shop have pretty much no way of ever being discovered by the outside world.

So the MusiCodex basically has two means of allowing discovery: 1) somebody links to a musician/musicians, and somebody arriving on the page of whoever is doing the linking can then get to the musician/musicians in question; 2) somebody links to somebody who links to somebody who...links to somebody who links to the musician/musicians in question, and there are a whole slew of possibilities for getting from a to z.

This of course applies not only to musicians in Bahian fishing villages, but to musicians in Rio de Janeiro, in New Orleans, in New York City...musicians famous as well as obscure...

Much more (including a lot of fantastic music) on the site itself: