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Sprawled across broad equatorial latitudes, stoked and steamed and sensual in the widest sense of the word... limned in cadenced song...
its very name born in heat and embers, Brazil is a conundrum wrapped in a smile inside an irony.

  Salvador - Small World
We want all musicians everywhere to be discoverable by everybody from the jungles of New Guinea to the jungle of New York.

Music, for tens of thousands of years, was performed live for people gathered 'round. Then came records and radio and mp3s and streaming. The NEXT step in this evolution is a platform allowing everybody to truly have access to EVERYBODY, worldwide.

Based upon the small-world phenomenon, there are approximately six steps between Quincy Jones and Herbie Hancock and Ry Cooder and you. Between every nightclub singer in Havana and every fiddle player in Donegal and you. Between every whirling dervish in Istanbul and every throat singer in Tuva and you. Between every musician and producer you've ever heard of...and millions you haven't, and you.

So we've built a codex (Latin for book) which takes advantage of this rather amazing fact. People create their own curated lists of recommending links, taking other people directly to musicians (and others) they believe should be heard. Among other things, this allows us the privilege of being able to follow the advice of people in a position to know deeply what outsiders to their music can't.

And within this system, all are universally interconnected, the connections following the mathematics and sociology behind the small world phenomenon. The upshot is that for the first time since man began making music over 30,000 years ago, ALL musicians and their music are (or have the means to be) reachable by everybody everywhere within the vicinity of planet Earth (astronauts have internet too!).

You are warmly invited to set up a world-wide-wired, hyper-findable MusiCodex page, absolutely free, from where you can also link out to your Spotify Artist Page, Facebook, Twitter, webpage, blog, download sites, etc. Non-musicians welcome.

By doing so you'll become an integral part of a brave new music world...a musical democracy curated by the deepest, most subtle and powerful recommendation software ever devised: the collective human mind.

Thank you!

Sparrow Roberts

Who am I and why do I care about this?

I'm an American who's lived for the past twenty-two years in Bahia, Brazil, where I opened a record shop (Cana Brava Records) devoted to the primordial samba of the Bahian backlands and where I spend the time I can out in the small communities (fishing villages usually) where this music still exists.

"Sparrow" is the English-language version of what Brazilians call me...Pardal. David Dye was here last year and I organized a show for his World Café:

Given that there is fascinating music all over the world, and that there was no organized way of discovering that most of it even exists, I felt compelled to invent a way.

Before moving to Brazil I lived in New York city and "rescued" unpaid royalties for Led Zeppelin, Mongo Santamaria, Aretha Franklin, Barbra Streisand, Philip Glass, the estate of Duke Ellington, Jim Hall, Ray Barretto, Airto Moreira, Astrud Gilberto, The Cadillacs (Earl Carroll), The Flamingos (Jake and Zeke Carey), among others.

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