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There are certain places the names of which fire the popular imagination. Brazil is one of them; an amalgam of primitive and sophisticated, jungle and elegance, beating drums and luscious jazz harmonics, there's no other place like it on earth. And while Rio, or its fame anyway, tends toward the elegant and "sophisticated" end of the spectrum, Bahia tends toward the other end, the primordial and atavistic...


Brazil is The Musical Country, and Bahia is Where It All Began! we set up a platform for musician (and music-lover) discovery, based in the oldest form of publicity of all: word-of-mouth.

I (black hat) connect to João do Boi (John of the Ox), he connects to...

This project began as a way for people from anywhere in the world to reach magnificent musicians in Bahia WITHOUT RECOURSE TO MAJOR MEDIA. Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil are easy to find...they've been on major labels for decades. João do Boi is impossible to find, he will never be on a major label (in spite of being Brazil's preeminent deep-roots god). What this simple system does is allow people to make connections to other people, so that yet other people can follow them. And then these connections are connected together. Hence unknown musicians and their music, and musicians well-known in some places and circles but not in others, now have numerous outlets to worlds other than their own. QED! If you love music, please help us to spread the wor(l)d!


Our Cana Brava Record Shop

We sell vinyl and CDs ripped from vinyl and printed...real Brazilian music: primordial Afro-Bahian samba, samba carioca (from Rio), choro, candomblé, ijexá...

More Here On True Brazilian Music

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Brilliant Music You'll Never Hear!

Except via our Codex. Connections between musicians and others... How're you going to hear them if you've never heard OF them!??? THIS is how! Join if you care to.

The Codex is Here

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