Once upon a time in Bahia...

This passage has everything to do with the Brazilian psyche, and everything to do with Brazilian music, and everything to do with this site's themes. This is samba chula, Brazil's analog to the delta blues -- foundation of a national art, played in a village founded as a refuge of runaway slaves. Brazil's irony starts here. And it goes wherever real Brazilian music goes, which also has everything to do with...


Salvador Central is in reality twin sites -- or a site and a network rather -- under one bright Bahian sun: The outer you can read (salvadorcentral.com/guide; where you are now), and the inner sanctum (salvadorcentral.com/codex; codex = "book" in Latin) you can contribute to (as in opinions, your own music, blog & forum; I don't mean money), this being a quixotic enable-anybody-to-turn-anybody-on-to-anybody platform intended to allow people to help other people reach unknown-to-them* musicians, etc. ...the site and the network having been inspired by the people above (João do Boi -- John of the Ox -- and family and friends) and their primordial and magnificent African-Brazilian culture, so widely unknown even here in Brazil!

* There's a big caveat here: Musicians extremely well-known in one or some places, and/or in certain social-circles, are most often completely unknown in others. Several years ago David Byrne was here in my Salvador record shop, and the two young French guys in here at the same time had never heard of him. Plus ça change...

So why a musician (not music!) discovery network/codex built on old-fashioned word-of-mouth (updated to the 21st century, however) and run from a record shop specializing in music hardly anybody cares about, when Spotify and Pandora and etc. rule supreme with millions (billions?) of euros/dollars and sophisticated algorithms sussing out what would presumably appeal to us?


It's a question of islands and bridges. João do Boi lives on a very small (metaphorical) island. David Byrne lives on a bigger island. Taylor Swift lives on a several continent-sized island these days (did you see that Rolling Stone included her on their 100 Greatest Songwriters of All Time list; leaving off Cole Porter and Hoagy Carmichael just to name a couple from my home state!). Big islands cost money...promotion. The little islands don't have money for this, but if they get bridged up then there are ways for people to move among all these connected places, following recommendations that seem to make sense to whoever's taking them. This is discovery via the deepest, most subtle and sophisticated software yet devised: The Collective Human Mind!

FOR EXAMPLE: Herbie Hancock recommends an amazing bass player that he and his friends know about, but of whom the general public is unaware (he has stacks of his independent CDs sitting unsold in his closet). This guy recommends a great gypsy guitarist who lives in a trailer in Belgium...who recommends a wonderful samba singer in Rio...she recommends Caetano Veloso in Salvador, and HE recommends João do Boi!

Rather than money, THIS kind of publicity requires willing people. The codex is Euterpe's cornucopia of beyond-brilliant musicians (although we leave beauty to the ear of the beholder) on ever-furcating yellow brick roads extending throughout the universe of music...this all beginning in Bahia, center of the music universe and home to Exu, who was really standing there at those crossroads when Robert Johnson made the famous deal ; ) !

Join us if you care to...you'll be in stellar-class company!


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