Salvador, Bahia, the Recôncavo & the Music

Hello and welcome to an unusual, non-traditional guide to Salvador and environs! Salvador Central covers many specifics, but goes beyond these to try to present not just what, but why, in terms of history and even more so in terms humanity. There's a lot of that here in Bahia.

If you'd like to go straight to the guide, click on "Our Complete Table of Contents is Here" at the top of this and every page. The top link there, "The City of Salvador & Environs" is a decent place to start. Or you can go straight to there from here.

But there's a second part to this site, also a guide, but to music. Why? Because music is what Brazilians do, and do best. And ironically most of Brazil's best music is almost impossible to find. This guide began with me, on my page (which evolved into my Chainlicity page), recommending magnificent deep-roots musicians of the Bahian Recôncavo (the concave-shaped region around Bahia's great bay), people I know personally.

But what if other people could have their own pages and also recommend them ("my" musicians)? Then somebody falling on the page of, for example, writer James Gavin might get to those musicians through him. James is known to a lot of people. The chances of "my" people being found grow considerably.

And if James and I can recommend, why shouldn't the musicians themselves recommend? This gives us the advantage of people who know their area of music as no outsider can, recommending people that perhaps (almost certainly?) outsiders are completely unaware of.

So for this to work, people in general pretty much have to be able to sign up as they see fit, recommending whoever they like.

THIS then has the ENORMOUS advantage of seeing the creation of chainlinked trails of recommendations...taking people to people and music they would otherwise never find. A Euterpean can-opener for the music universe. And like the modern cosmological understanding of the universe we live in, there's no center, except as we ourselves define it. Just because the network began with deep-roots musicians in Bahia doesn't mean that somebody who has no interest in these has to have anything to do with them. Boogie on reggae woman.

I'm aware that music discovery is a hot thing now, and that a lot of money is being spent on developing algorithms for suggesting music to people. And that there are also networks relying on professional curators choosing music for people to listen to. Fine and dandy.

But algorithms can't step out of their paradigms. Only a human mind can do that. And I know more about samba chula and samba-de-roda than those curators. Why shouldn't I be a curator too? And Raimundo Sodré? And you? Let people decide for themselves whose advice they want to follow...