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In the Matrix


Herein a world of innumerable islands is bridged in a way that almost everybody who creates art is somehow potentially findable by almost everybody else in a limited number of steps, in much the same way that within some six or so steps we can make she knows/he knows connections from almost anybody on the planet to almost anybody else.


And rather than following the advice of combined multitudes, giving value only to what vast numbers of other do via charts and hit parades, why not be able to follow the advice of one person we respect? Who might be able to point us to somebody unknown to the clamoring multitudes but nevertheless wonder-inspiring?


Herein, individual curations/recommendations are strung together -- page by page -- into worldlines forming a convoluted matrix reaching people and art we would never otherwise come across. This is a new paradigm in access and discovery. Based in the most subtle and penetrating recommendation software yet devised: the collective human mind.


If you'd like to join to recommend somebody(ies), and prefer not to be recommended yourself, simply do not create recommendable categories for yourself (categories are created on one's own page via clicking on the WORLDLINES BACKWARD tab and following the instructions).


Sign up from the top of any page. Create worldlines (tacit recommendations) leading to whomsoever you wish, for categories by which people use to describe themselves. These are on their WORLDLINES BACKWARDS tab; simply click on the little green crosses when you are logged in. The person you are recommending will appear on your WORLDLINES FORWARD tab.


In the Matrix