Salvador, Bahia, Brazil


The song title "I Heard it Through the Grapevine" was based on an expression that came out of the pre-American Civil War African-American community, a reference to what they called the Grapevine Telegraph, pretty much the only telegraph available to them but nevertheless a very effective one for spreading the word about something.

Salvador Central started as a culturally-oriented guide to Salvador da Bahia, a very African part of Brazil which in a real sense is analogous to the Mississippi Delta in the United States. This is where the deep roots of popular Brazilian music (samba, in other words) are; it's where this widely misunderstood music, powerful uplifter of downtrodden spirits, was born in the hearts and souls and hips and feet of Bantus working the great plantations (sugarcane in this case) of Bahia.

This primordial music is still made in Bahia, in the fishing villages and small towns. It isn't commercial. The people who make it are poor. The chances of anybody outside of their (the musicians') immediate area hearing this music, discovering the wonderful people who make it and anything about their lives, are close to zero.

So we bring in a 21st century version of the Grapevine Telegraph. People (mostly but not necessarily musicians) recommend other people (mostly but not necessarily musicians). These recommendations run from one to another to another to another, making it possible to start, for example, with a documentary filmmaker in Paris and wind up in a fishing village in Bahia. Running through Niger and New Orleans and County Clare and Cape Breton. A deep world of music formerly hidden to most of us is opened up by the graces of other participants in the network, as we ourselves help open this world up to others. And all you have to do is click on the pages of the people you think deserve your recommendation (after creating your own page).


If real music is important to you, of whatever genre, please join us (from the top of every page).


Tommy Peoples, Salvador Central


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