Salvador, Bahia, Brazil


(If you're looking for our guide to Salvador da Bahia, that's here...)


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David Dye in Salvador, Bahia


The grapevine telegraph was pre-American Civil War African-Americans' way of spreading the news. The name was their own descriptive term for receiving a message and passing it on, enabling entire communities to be keenly aware of important events. The expression "I heard it through the grapevine" comes from this activity.

I've set up a platform for applying this model to music (that's me above in our headquarters, being interviewed by David Dye of World Café for U.S. National Public Radio). Somebody you know and respect, or know of and respect, or have just discovered (and maybe respect), can recommend musicians (or anybody, but it's mostly musicians). And the people who are recommended can recommend. And THOSE people can recommend. And people can recommend the person you know and respect, etc. etc. etc. YOU can recommend!

A 21st century musical grapevine telegraph linking musicians and music-lovers all over the world is established. Enabling somebody to begin on the page of an English documentary filmmaker living in Paris, for example, and wind up listening to the music of previously impossible-to-find brilliance in Brazil. Or New Orleans. Or County Clare. Or Niger. Or wherever you happen to be right now...


From Salvador da Bahia, Brazil...OBRIGADO!

-- Randy "Sparrow" Roberts / Dr. Ken Dossar (Temple University) / Bule Bule


Dr. Dossar and Bule Bule in Salvador